You are the evil that skulks in the dark

Dvoynik, a horror film that deals with the psychological terror of doppelgangers. Jess, a woman in her 20s, battles with the aftermath of a breakup and moves into a small house by the edge of the woods.  

Satisfied with the solitude, she sets up her home, only to be visited by  her ex, Quinn, who bullies their way in, bringing her belongings. After an unexpected bottle of wine and an argument,  Quinn leaves in a rush, alarmed by a voice they heard in the home. 

Jess  stumbles upon Quinn’s dead-mutilated body on her morning run (She begins to have vivid nightmare’s about Quinn’s murder), sometimes from the guilt ridden perspective of her as the killer. As she begins to spiral out of control, she faces the reality of what actually happened. This psychedelic film deals with the freedom and guilt after gaining independence and has you wondering if the animal is you, or the creature lurking in the woods. 

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